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Project Description

Make an impact with Video.

We offer a variety of positions and functionality to ensure the best response to your video advertisement.

Pre-roll, video banners, and HTML 5 banners supported across all platforms, devices and screens on our site, apps and TV!


Over the Top Content is The Post and Courier’s new channel available on:

  • Apple TV (2nd generation and newer)
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire
  • Pre-roll on all News videos available!

YouTube Video Ads

Reach your ideal customer

  •   Geo-targeting based on designated market area, cities, or zip codes.
  •   Demographic targeting based on age ranges, gender, and/or parental status.
  •   Behavior targeting based on content users are watching or searching for online.
    •   Example- Mike has been searching different websites to find his next car. YouTube allows us to target Mike with auto ads  when he goes to watch any video on YouTube.
  •   Frequency capping to limit number of ad views in a day to a single viewer.