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Project Description

Make an Impact with Video.

We offer a variety of positions and functionality to ensure the best response to your video advertisement.

Pre-roll, video banners and HTML 5 banners supported across all platforms, devices and screens on our site, apps and TV.

Post and Courier Site

Apps (iTunes Store & Google Play)

TV- Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire

Over the Top Content is The Post and Courier’s new channel available on:

Apple TV (2nd generation and newer)
Amazon Fire
Pre-roll on all News videos available!

YouTube Video Ads:

Reach your ideal customer:

  Geo-targeting based on designated market area, cities, or zip codes.

  Demographic targeting based on age ranges, gender, and/or parental status.

  Behavior targeting based on content users are watching or searching for online.

  Example- Mike has been searching different websites to find his next car. YouTube allows us to target Mike with auto ads  when he goes to watch any video on YouTube.

  Frequency capping to limit number of ad views in a day to a single viewer.

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